January 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                                                                                                               9 January 2018

And so we come to the end of another year! And what an amazing year it has been for Operation Refugee! We have seen God moving in such big ways and we can only give Him the glory for this project and for everything that had been made possible this past year. We serve a living God!


The vision of Operation Refugee is to “help Africa to heal itself”… So how do we do this? God gave us a vision to enable refugees to have the opportunity to do the DTS (Discipleship Training School) through YWAM (Youth with a Mission). The DTS is a 5 month program where the focus is “to know God and to make God known”. The DTS consists of a three month lecture phase and then a two month outreach phase. This program is the base course to study through the University of the Nations.

After the DTS there is also a Leadership Discipleship School (LDS) which is a three month program. Once a student had done the DTS as well as the LDS they can also staff at a YWAM base. Once they have completed these programs they will be equipped enough to start their very own YWAM base.

This may not be everyone’s calling but we are seeing a lot of potential in the students who are currently in the DTS in Blantyre. Please pray with us for the Lord to reveal to them the path He wants them to take.

We have heard from the YWAM base leader in Blantyre that Tresor, Falone and Nathalie are really excelling extremely well! We are so proud of them and we believe that the Lord has hand-picked these people to be in His service.

We felt the Lord instruct us to focus on the students we have taken through the DTS and to assist them up to the point where they can be released into ministry, where they will be able to stand alone and generate their own funds. Falone and Tresor and Nathalie have expressed that they would really like to take part in the LDS and we would like to use any donations towards paying for this program.

We’d love to see our students reach a place where they can potentially start up a YWAM base in Lubumbashi in the DRC, where it is safe but still in an area where they can have ministry influence in the war-torn country of the Congo.

(You can find out more about YWAM at https://www.ywam.org/dts/)

DTS YWAM Blantyre!

Falone’s latest news: (I have translated her voice-note to me by paraphrasing her message on behalf of herself and her husband Tresor)

“We are doing well, we are growing up spiritually. Every course we are doing is helping us to grow spiritually. We are doing well with our lectures. Everything is ok. We are going on outreach in two weeks’ time. After the DTS we would really like to do the LDS. This is unfortunately not available to do in Malawi, only in South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania. Much love and blessings.”

As you can see, our students have vision and the leader of the Blantyre base has reported that they are all doing exceptionally well! We are so proud of them and we pray that the Lord will lead them on the exact path He has laid out for each student. They would like to do the three month Leadership Discipleship School so please also pray with us for them to get financed to continue their training as the Lords leads them.

DTS YWAM Potchefstroom

We have another family of refugee students who are currently doing their DTS at YWAM in Potch, South Africa – Lusambo, Beatrice and their two year old daughter Zawadi (Gift). Lusambo is a refugee from DRC who lived in the refugee camp in Tanzania, but from the age of ten he dreamed of being a pastor. Beatrice also lived in Tanzania. Both of them prayed for a partner who was also a devoted Christian, before they got married. They lived in Cape Town where Lusambo could only get a job as car guard. This family has proven to be 100% devoted to Jesus and focused on being missionaries. They really need support as they have paid a portion of their DTS and they now trust the Lord for the rest of the funds. Please pray for them or feel free to make a donation.

Sango is the brother of a missionary in Mozambique. They were born in the DRC but grew up in the refugee camp in Tanzania where many of their family still live. Sango has run various children’s ministries in the refugee camp and had also worked in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We also need your prayers and support for Sango to complete his DTS.

Brother Steven

Our brother Steven, who is the first refugee to have gone through the DTS at YWAM in Potchefstroom, last year, has been working actively in Africa this past year.

He helped us during our outreach to Dzaleka refugee camp and without him it would have made our trip very challenging. Steven has been ministering in Malawi in and around the refugee camp as well as in his home country in DRC. Steven really has a heart for the orphans and has done a lot of work with the children wherever he goes.

Steven has also been a key person in helping us with all the legalities and documents needed to for the students to exit the refugee camp and get permission to do the DTS in Blantyre. Every country has its own very strict procedures and without Steven none of what we’ve achieved would have been possible.

Steven spent a while with his family in DRC a few months ago – his brother is the base leader of the only YWAM in the Congo. He also went to Burundi to do some research and assist us with exporting coffee beans to the USA – the funds that were earned have also been used for Operation Refugee. His travels were always dangerous and expensive due to visa requirements and ongoing war in many areas. We continue to thank our Mighty Father for always protecting Steven and for also providing for all his needs. It is not always an easy and comfortable journey but we commend Steven for his love for Jesus and the spreading of the Gospel which never stands in his way, no matter how tough it gets.


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Greetings in His service!

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