April 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends in Christ,

2 April 2018

Blessings to all of you during this Passover time of celebrating the risen King! We pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you and give you peace. It is always emotional and humbling to get quiet and remember exactly what Jesus Messiah has done for each one of us! I pray a blessing of favour, grace and love for you and your families.

YWAM Blantyre DTS

Our three Discipleship Training School students, Falone, Tresor and Nathalie have come to the end of their five month program in Blantyre, Malawi. There is no doubt that this experience has been of great value to each one of them. With every update I have received, they have expressed how much closer they are in their relationship with Jesus and how the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been activated and are flowing through them.  They have found boldness where there was once none and they have discovered the Father’s heart on a very personal level.

This program has not only equipped them to go out and operate in the ministry but it has also set their hearts on fire to serve and to make God known to the world.

We would like to thank you to Daniel Dugmore and his team at the Blantyre base for everything they have done to make our refugee students feel welcome and loved.

The DTS graduation was on 23 March. Falone let me know that she has some mixed feelings about finishing the DTS as she was going to miss the new friends she’d made and the whole experience of the DTS, she was also very excited for what the Lord has planned for their futures.

Nathalie has decided to follow the call from God to return to the Blantyre base in October to serve as a staff member during the next DTS. As with all our YWAM bases, they function completely on donations and sponsorships and therefore Nathalie will be requiring funding in order for her to be able to staff at the base. If you feel moved to make a donation towards her new endeavor then please use the account details below with the reference “Nathalie”.  Your prayers into Nathalie’s future are always greatly appreciated.

Tresor and Falone remained in Blantyre for two weeks and worked at YWAM’s Foundation for Farming where they learned valuable skills of cultivating the land. From October they will be able to staff full time at Foundation for Farming. They have now returned to the refugee camp as they did not have the funds to stay on at the Foundation of Farming but they are using their new-found skills and applying this in the camp. Please pray with them as well as they embark on the next level of their journey in ministry serving the Most High

The desire of their hearts is to come to South Africa to take part in the SBS (School of Biblical Studies) which is hosted by YWAM in Muizenberg, Cape Town. They will have about a year to raise enough funds to enable them to do the SBS. SBS is a nine-month course which is focused on all 66 books of the Bible. They use the inductive approach to study, which teaches the students to observe what the text says, to interpret the text through the eyes of the original reader, and how to apply the timeless truths to their own lives. In effect, allowing the living Word of God to speak for itself.

The SBS will equip the students to study God’s Word for themselves, while challenging them to take what they have learned and give it to others. The SBS will enable them to understand the “big picture” of the Bible, laying a solid foundation for their life ministry.

The fees per quarter (three months – including accommodation, meals and tuition) for the SBS per person:

Cost Per Quarter of SBS
Per adult: 14,500

Children: R3,647

(Additional fees for personal items – toiletries and spending – need to be added as this is not included in the quarterly fees)


Registration Fees per quarter: (Although this fee is part of the application process, these fees can be added to your school fees to avoid expensive bank charges for depositing small amounts of money)
Cat C: R250

If you feel moved to contribute towards Tresor and Falone’s dream of attending the SBS then please make your donation to the account details below with the reference: “T&F SBS fees”.

DTS YWAM Potchefstroom



Our team of DTS students in Potch have also reached the end of their outreach program as well and although there have been a few challenges, they have also had a very successful and spirit-filled time.


Their outreach took them to Ottosdal, then to Ventersdorp, all the way to Mozambique and their final destination is Malawi.


From all the news letters I have received it seems like they had a very “African Experience” with bumpy roads and dangerous transport adventures. One of the students hurt her wrist and needed quite a lot of money to pay for the hospital fees. But the Lord is faithful and took care of every need and offered protection in every circumstance.



Brother Steven

Steven is more on fire for our Lord than ever before! He has been doing an amazing job staffing during the Potch DTS and has always sent us inspiring news along the journey.


As he is completing the outreach phase of the DTS he has decided to stay in Blantyre to take part in the 6 week LDS (Leadership Development School) also offered by YWAM. He thanks you for your continued support in prayers and donations which enable him to grow and continue in the ministry.


Steven would like to apply for a long-term visa to be able to staff at YWAM Potch and for this he will need about $1200/R15,000. If you feel moved to contribute towards Steven’s journey then you can make a donation directly to his PayPal account: PayPal: jonni05@aol.com – Ref: “For Steven” or use the below banking info with reference: “Steven”.


The Next Step


Blantyre is starting with their next DTS in May 2018 and the fees per person are still 600 USD (Approx R7,500) per person. This includes accommodation, meals and tuition. We have had many applicants and would like to encouraging you to please consider sponsoring a student for 2018. If you would like to get to know some of our applicants then let me know and I can send a profile of them to you. We have had contact and met some of them personally and know that they will be of huge impact in Africa as they too get equipped to work in the ministry.

To fully sponsor a refugee to do the DTS we usually add about 200 USD to the costs as they need some extra money for personal expenses such as travel and toiletries.

Please contact me or use the banking details below to make a donation towards our next students using the reference: “DTS May”.

We have two methods of sponsorship:
Want to make a difference?

“Adopt a Refugee” – this is where you may select a specific refugee and choose to sponsor him/her until the point where they become self-sufficient.

“Partner” – You may decide to give a monthly contribution towards the mission which supports our guys who are already in the field. (You are not obligated to a regular monthly contribution and may also choose to just do a once-off donation.)

Greetings in His service!


South African Bank details:

Operation Refugee Africa NPC

First National Bank

Cheque Account

Acc: 62626450720

Branch Code: 240438

Ref: Operation R – Mich

International Details:

Go to our website to make an international donation via PayPal on http://www.operationrefugee.co.za/sponsor-a-refugee/

Find us:

You can find us here:

Website: http://www.operationrefugee.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/operationrefugeefunding/

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