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During my time in Malawi, the thing that most moved me, was meeting so many people who had this amazing attitude – regardless of the fact that they actually have little hope for a future!

This video clip is about a friend of mine at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi – Alain Bitijula, director of the Dzaleka Youth Congress. This is a man, who regardless of his circumstances, is doing a great act of kindness by creating projects among the youth.

His vision is to keep them busy (away from all the usual dangers and temptations that the youth of today face – such as theft, alcoholism, drug abuse etc.) and to also equip them in becoming independent and self-sustainable.

In the video you will see that he talks about fashion shows and also hairdressing. The fashion shows are intended to boost their self-esteem as so many of them have experienced extreme trauma and need a lot of spiritual and emotional healing. The barber and hairdressing training is to teach them a skill which they can use to generate their own income and not to continue relying on their parents.

Alain does all of this with absolutely no funding whatsoever and also for no income for himself. With funding he can really get these projects off the ground to make a difference in these young people’s lives.

The youngsters in this clip have made most of their outfits to look as good as possible for their show. I spoke to their trainer who told me that they practice faithfully every day and prove to be very dedicated to their project.

Most of the refugees have no hope of ever leaving the refugee camp, yet, so may of them are making the best of what they have. I was also quite surprised to see that there are so many extremely beautiful and talented models, who could possibly become something great, if given the opportunity.

My plea is for you to partner with Operation Refugee so that we can help people like Alain, who is dedicating his life to the betterment of the youth in the refugee camp.

To become a partner please send me an email and I will provide all the details and any other info you would like about Operation refugee.

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