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Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to our monthly News Letter about what has been going on at the moment in Operation Refugee

***Firstly I would like to bring it to your attention that my email address has changed permanently to

New Partner!

I have extremely exciting news to share!!! A few weeks ago the Lord laid it on my heart to make contact with Kesha Trippett from Daughters of the King daily devotionals ministry in the USA. She was one of the powerful speakers at a local women’s conference (Arise at Nuwe Lewe church) we had here in the small town of Klerksdorp where I had the privilege of meeting her. I then argued with the Lord that she is very busy and has her very own ministry to worry about etc… Well, Holy Spirit continued to nag me and eventually I gave in, deciding I’d better be obedient and I sent Kesha some info about Operation Refugee.


A week later she called me all the way from the USA and we had the most blessed conversation as she asked many questions and then announced that she will be partnering with Operation Refugee! She has blessed us with our very own website (which is currently being built) and she will also be contributing by marketing our project as well as providing funds for the refugees to do the DTS!

I will announce the launch of the new website as soon as it’s readyJ

We give our awesome Father God all the glory for connecting us with Kesha and for using her in such a powerful and blessed way in her own ministry as well as Operation Refugee.

Join her Facebook Page to also receive a daily blessing with her devotionals:

Thank you Kesha for YOUR obedience and for pushing through for the sake of the Kingdom – we bless you in every area of your life at Operation Refugee!

United Nations:

YWAM UN has invited our team directors, Wikus, Johannes and Yvotte to join them in Switzerland to do a presentation for Operation Refugee! This is ONLY God who could have brought us this far and orchestrated such an epic opportunity and we ask that you will pray for their journey and that this mission will produce many good fruit for the Kingdom! The conference is the 8th to the 11th of November.

We are extremely excited to see what God is going to do with the input of the United Nations.

Adopt-a-refugee news:

Tresor, Falone and Nathalie are in the process of preparing for their upcoming DTS which will start in November and they are very excited! We all look forward to following them on this fantastic journey of discovering who they are in Christ, learning to really hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and become active in the ministry. We know without a doubt that these three precious people are going to play a major role in the healing of Africa, bringing Jesus, Love, Hope and Joy to those have never experienced the Gospel!

We ask that you would intercede for them as they prepare for their 5 month DTS and that the Lord will really heal every area of their lives and restore them and raise them up to be the called warriors that Father intended for them to be since before the foundations of the earth.

Our Team Leader – Steven:

Steven has been doing ministry with the children in his home country for the past few months which has been such a blessing for him as well as his community. The family have been re-united and enjoyed a very precious time of fellowship.

God has laid it on Steven’s heart to attend the DNA Infusion conference in Muizenburg, SA in October.


The aim of the DNA conference is that they want to draw in leaders – “young Davids” just preparing to take on their lions and bears, and seasoned warriors – from across Africa and around the world, especially focusing on those from the island nations of the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros); Southern Africa and South Central Africa. DNA Infusion Africa will be offered in English, French and possibly Portuguese, if needed.

For more info on the conference you can visit:

While Steven was in Burundi he applied for his Visa but was denied and his only hope now is to apply for it in Malawi. He needs some funds to get back to Malawi and to pay his visa as they refused to give his money back after being denied his visa in Burundi.

The conference begins on 15 October and I would like to make a humble request for anyone to please pray or make a contribution for the provision of the funds for Steven to get his Visa as well as his travel expenses.

We believe that attending the DNA conference will be extremely spiritually beneficial for Steven as an up-coming leader in ministry. If anyone would like to contribute towards Steven’s needs then you may use the banking info below with the reference: Steven/Mich.


Our other up-coming leader, Tresor, is still at the beginning of doing his degree at the University of Blantyre in pastoral counselling and I haven’t heard a single complaint from this amazingly inspirational young man – even though he is also living by faith to pay for everyday needs as well as his studies!

He has also played a major role in assisting me with Operation Refugee as my contact guy in Malawi, gathering information and sending me all the applications and profiles of all the DTS applicants. He has also assisted in helping our three accepted candidates to get their paperwork in order and he will also be traveling from Blantyre to Dzaleka to collect them and escort them to the DTS which begins in November.

This young man has the most beautiful heart and even prays for me when things in my life are a challenge, regardless of how tough things may be for him in the middle of Africa!

I am humbled over and over again when I chat to any of my refugee friends as they all have such giving hearts and appreciate everything so much.

If anyone feels they may like to contribute to Tresor’s studies then you may use the details below with the reference – Tresor/Mich

Want to make a difference?

We have two methods of sponsorship:

“Adopt a Refugee” – this is where you may select a specific refugee and choose to sponsor him/her until the point where they become self-sufficient.

“Partner” – You may decide to give a monthly contribution towards the mission which supports our guys who are already in the field, such as Steven and Tresor. (You are not obligated to a regular monthly contribution and may also choose to just do a once-off donation.)

Much blessings!

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  1. I would love to contribute to this beautiful Ministry, but I do not like to put my info out in the internet. Will you please send information on how to send donations by mail. Thank you so much! 💝💝

    1. Hi Marlene, thank you for your message:-) Please email me on then I can send you another way of sending a donation. Blessings to you. Michelle.

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