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Tresor fled from the Congo due to the unrest and danger that he was in and arrived at the refugee camp during January 2013. He was one of the three refugee students who received sponsorship to do the DTS, which he then did in Blantyre in August 2016. After his five-month DTS, he had to return to the refugee camp as he didn’t have any other options but as a new man and child of God, he faithfully served in his church and has been our helper whenever we’ve been there on outreach. Tresor served as an interpreter and as a PR person, arranging all our meetings and activities within the camp with various churches and leaders. He also had a job in the camp with minimal remuneration, running, and maintaining the water pumps within the camp. Through direction from the Lord, Tresor decided to embark on studying pastoral counseling and psychology at the University of Blantyre. His decision was also based on the fact that he felt that this qualification will only empower his service in the ministry.


Jimmy is also one of the three first refugees to have completed the DTS program through YWAM in Blantyre. He is now 23 years old and arrived in Dzaleka refugee camp in 2012. Being born in the times of war he had lost some of his relatives including his own father. In 2012 he chose to flee from the war for his own safety and arrived at the refugee camp where he then lived for three years. He also participated in the DTS program with Tresor in Aug 2016 and afterwards he was able to become a staff member of YWAM Blantyre, where he is still faithfully serving. He shares that after losing his own father at the young age of 5 and his family experiencing such traumatic times, he had built up a very strong spirit of revenge. However, during the DTS the Holy Spirit revealed the Father’s heart to Jimmy which lead him to forgiveness and to love all people unconditionally.

After the DTS he had asked the Lord what he should do next and God spoke to him through Isaiah 41:9 – 10. This is what encouraged him greatly and lead him to apply to staff at the DTS to continue his growth in the Lord. In November 2019 he staffed his forth DTS group.

In April 2020, as the Covid-19 epidemic spread throughout the globe, Jimmy married his lovely bride, Nadine, who is also from Burundi. Their story is one of true romance as they were forced to stay in an 8-year long-distance relationship as circumstances didn't allow for them to be together. In 2019 Nadine was able to come to Blantyre to do a DTS and as their love was rekindled, they stepped into their new journey of marriage. Currently, Jimmy and Nadine has plans to travel to Lilongwe to join the new YWAM base there and minister to the people from the nearby refugee camp.


Steven is originally from Congo but spent 16 years as a refugee – majority in Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. He sold all his belongings to pay for his DTS through YWAM, which changed his life! Steven was the first DTS student from a refugee camp. After passing his DTS he was released to minister in Malawi, Congo and South Africa as a team leader. He has proven himself hard-working and committed in serving Jesus.


Kano is a young man living in the refugee camp. He lives in the furthest part of the refugee camp and he is the only one we found to have made a beautiful garden inside of his court yard. Our leader did a counseling session with Kano and discovered that when he was only 14 years old, his parents were both killed by the Mai Mai. He is now 24 and had thus been in the camp for ten years. Every time a bus would come, he would go to see if there was someone he knew – and after 9 years – there he found his sister! This young man has so much potential but unless we help him, he has no hope!
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