September 2020 Newsletter

Dear Supporter,
2 September 2020

I greet you today in the Almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

At the time of writing to you, the Coronavirus status worldwide seems to have shown an overall improvement and ‘flattening of the curve’ with 18,229,723 recoveries of the 25,943,023 identified cases across the globe, and 6,851,237 active cases. The less fortunate news is that, to date, there have been 862,063 COVID-19-related deaths; truly heartbreaking news for many who lost loved ones during this pandemic and the greater percentage who were unable to say their goodbyes due to strict isolation guidelines. In a world where we are all living in a state of disbelief in these unprecedented times and uncertainty of the future, we need God Almighty more than ever before. We praise the Lord for His continued protection as we look hopefully towards the future.

NEWS WITHIN OPERATION REFUGEE – more on what our students have been up to and assistance required:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11
As per our last newsletter, we shared with you more about Jimmy Ntwali and his wife Nadine, both refugees from Burundi. They believe that God is leading them to move to Lilongwe, from Blantyre Malawi where they will start part-time work at the new YWAM Lilongwe base. They plan to live in Lumbadzi whilst reaching out to those living in the refugee camp 11 miles away. Jimmy is educated and experienced in leading the YWAM Blantyre Discipleship Training Schools, Sports ministry, Community Development (widows, flood reliefs project), as well as staffing as a valuable member of the onsite maintenance team and learning basic skills in farming. He also learned more about the principles in drafting a business plan and money management at Crown Ministries. Nadine graduated from University with accounts and marketing management and will soon graduate from her Hotel and Tourism Course at College. A very bright pair indeed, we know the Lord is going to use these two willing hearts in incredible ways as they continue to make themselves available in His service.

Please pray with us about the following as they wait on the Lord to open the doors for the next season:

– Widows and Orphans Ministry: The main purpose will be to provide food support – teaching these vulnerable members of the community about sustainable living; a basic introduction to farming.
– Women’s Ministry: Working with women in the refugee camps and local Malawians
– Sports Ministry: Discipling the youth whilst teaching them through the vehicle of the Sports Ministry and other areas. The cost for all required equipment is R69,249 ($4100 USD) and include (but are not limited to), soccer balls, jerseys, cones for practice, soccer shoes, primary health care assistance, transport costs, etc.
– Monthly Income: By purchasing a 2- or 3-ton truck to be utilized in a transport business, they will be able to provide for their family, as well as cover any overheads of their respective ministries. The cost for a second-hand truck is R118,230 ($7000 USD) and will secure an R8,445 – R10,134 ($500-$600 USD) monthly income.
– Family Home: The family will rent a house at R4,222.50 ($250 USD) a month, including water and electricity and due to safety concerns, they plan to hire a night guard at R844,50 ($50 USD) a month.
– Land: To start a vegetable farm, they need a half hector land, that cost between R1,689 ($100 USD) and R2,533.50 ($150 USD) a year. 5 Workers will be required at R33,78 ($2 USD) each, per day (2*5 = 10*30 days = R5,067 ($300 USD)) and the materials, including 5 hoes, 2 pickaxes, 5 shovels, 5 Machetes, 3 Wheelbarrow’s, 5 water canes, 3 rakes, and Manures come to a total cost of R10, 978.50 ($650 USD). The plan is to start planting maize and tomatoes, as the seasons allow.
– Timeline and Total Finances Required: The land needs to be prepared for farming by the start of October 2020. The once of cost of R198,457.50 ($11,750 USD) will cover the truck, soccer, and farming equipment. The reoccurring monthly expenses of R10,134 ($600 USD) will cover the rental amount for the family home and guard, as well as wages for farmworkers. The latter will be covered by the truck business and therefore will only be required initially to assist them in launching these ministries.

If the Lord is moving your heart to contribute towards the pair’s ministries and personal expenses, please donate via our Operation Refugee banking details and use the Reference “Lilongwe”.

The Dzaleka base is still under construction and we are currently speaking to a possible sponsor of this new YWAM base. Please pray with us that this building project can continue without delay so that the work of discipling and teaching the local refugees about the basic introduction to farming, can kick off soon. We know that the Lord’s time is not our time and we humbly continue with each next step as He prepares the way for us in advance. The project was started in faith with less than R8,000 ($485.00 USD). The current shortfall equates to R1,492,000 ($91,515.00 USD); we believe that God will supply our every need, Hebrew 11:6 – “And without faith, it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

If would like to get involved with this project, please send your financial donation to us via the banking details shared below. Please use the reference “YWAMDzaleka”

We look forward to each phase and will continue sharing with you as the next chapter unfolds.

Brothers in Christ, Lusambo, and Sango founded Mindful Children’s Education in Africa and they are doing incredible work in the community of Vredenburg where they are located, especially during the Covid-19 times where they have been supplying food packages, hygiene kits, and clothes for those children and families who are most in need.

Please feel free to visit their website at and see how you can get involved.

Sango is currently ‘stuck’ in Switzerland after completing his education and due to the length of this pandemic, his health insurance has lapsed. He needs R3,546.90 ($210 USD) to extend his policy as Europe does not allow foreigners medical assistance without this. We greatly appreciate any help in raising these funds for him. Please use payment reference: “Sango” if you would like to contribute.

Kalis, originally from the DRC and one of our early DTS graduates and a teacher by trade, is planning a huge youth conference and will be distributing Bibles to those who come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Most of the Congolese are French-speaking and so they require French Bibles. Thank you to those sponsors who have made allowance, through your generosity to purchase new Bibles for this outreach. We are still in great need of more Bibles and greatly value your contribution. Please use the payment reference “Bibles” when donating.

We are incredibly excited that the next Prophetic School, hosted by Wikus Vorster, Base leader of YWAM Potchefstroom and founder of Operation Refugee already has 40 individuals registered to attend the course. 15 of these attendees will be Malawians and individuals from the refugee camp. The practical problem they face, however, is not having access to the internet or electronic devices. We feel strongly that no one should be left behind when it comes to unlocking the prophetic and therefore, if you would like to get involved, the following options are available to them, based on the support we receive.

*Calculations based on 15 individuals for two months (duration of prophetic school)
**Internet will cover the download of teaching videos, Zoom meetings, etc.

Main needs without computers or cellphones
(Personal needs + prayer trip + internet bundles + printable booklets)
– *Personal needs: Daily meals = R1,790 ($106 USD) + House rental = R1,680 ($100 USD)
Total: R3,470 ($206 USD)
– *Printing of reading materials: R2,100 ($124 USD)
– **Internet Access 6GB: R240 ($14 USD)
– *Prayer Trip: (many attendees are scattered and so they plan to meet at least once after the prophetic school to pray together in the mountains)
Total: R1,340 ($79 USD)
TOTAL NEED: R7,150 ($423 USD)

Personal needs with cellphones
(Personal needs + prayer trip + internet bundles + printable booklets + 2x cellphones)
– *Personal needs: Daily meals = R1,790 ($106 USD) + House rental = R1,680 ($100 USD)
Total: R3,470 ($206 USD)
– *Printing of reading materials: R2,100 ($124 USD)
– **Internet Access 6GB: R240 ($14 USD)
– *Prayer Trip: (many attendees are scattered and so they plan to meet at least once after the prophetic school to pray together in the mountains)
Total: R1,340 ($79 USD)
– *2x Cellphones: R4,000 ($237 USD)
TOTAL NEED: R11,150 ($660 USD)

Personal needs with computers
(Personal needs + prayer trip + internet bundles + printable booklets + 2x computers)
– *Personal needs: Daily meals = R1,790 ($106USD) + House rental = R1,680 ($100 USD)
Total: R3,470 ($206 USD)
– *Printing of reading materials: R2,100 ($124 USD)
– **Internet Access 6GB: R240 ($14 USD)
– *Prayer Trip: (many attendees are scattered and so they plan to meet at least once after the prophetic school to pray together in the mountains)
Total: R1,340 ($79 USD)
– *2x Computers: R8,300 ($492 USD)
TOTAL NEED: = R15,450 ($915 USD)

Please use “PropheticSchool” as payment reference if you would like to donate.

We would like to remind you that we have launched our YouTube channel and we look forward to sharing amazing testimonies and news around Operation Refugee with you. You will find us when you type “Operation Refugee Africa” in the search bar or click on the link below. Please follow us and select the bell so that you will be notified whenever we post a new video.

We are so grateful to our faithful sponsors, if you prefer to make a monthly contribution via eft or debit order, we welcome this. In whichever way you show your support to Operation Refugee, we appreciate you.

We wish to thank every support and intercessor for your fervent prayers and financial contribution. It goes without saying that we could not be mobilized to do this work in the Kingdom of Father God, without your constant support. Thank you. We see you and are incredibly grateful to you. Please do not stop praying for us as we need the Holy Spirit’s guidance every day.

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Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about any of the above mentioned or need assistance with donating to any of the beforementioned causes.

In the service of our King,

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