February 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                                                                                                           11 February 2018

As time flies we are already in the second month of 2018! As always I am happy to report that God continues to show us favour and has poured out His blessings upon us as His children and the refugees whom we are assisting! All the glory to Him for every provision thus far!

Our three DTS (Discipleship Training School) students are still going strong and are now busy with their outreach phase. As they are nearing the mid-mark of their 5 month program, they have all been in prayer as to where the Lord wants them to go afterwards. Here is their news:


“During my local outreach God used me in so many ways. I saw healing in my own life and the lives of many other people. God also used me to give prophesies to many people. I saw more things than ever before. As I haven’t been sure about what I should do with my future, God has shown me that I should come back to Blantyre to staff at YWAM, just like Jimmy.

Something which I found really amazing is that while I was on outreach my phone shut off completely, but when I returned to Blantyre it came back on! I knew that God had wanted me to be 100% focused on Him alone with no phone to distract me.”

*I have paraphrased from the message Nathalie sent me via Whatsapp.

Tresor and Falone

“We are always so thankful for what everyone has done to do to help us make this DTS a reality! Praise be to God for you guys! The lecture phase was so good and it excited us very much. The hand of God has really been manifested to us during the lecture phase. We are now in outreach phase and all the various ministries are going well. The Bible Studies, orphan and children ministries are all beautiful. We have also done a 15 to 20 km cycling outreach whereby we go out and spread the Good News of God to the people which we have really enjoyed so much. It has been very interesting.

I am also extremely proud of Falone who was never able to preach and she has grown so much day by day and is now also able to preach. It used to be impossible for her to preach while we were in the refugee camp and I was the one who was trying to preach. This is very beautiful to see for our family. God is also using me more so than ever before. I see huge transformation in my on life as well. I could never understand how God could speak to us but now I understand this and hear His voice. He shows me what He wants me to do and gives me direction, even when I am praying for someone. This is awesome!

I want share an amazing story with you: We went to see a family, a mother and daughter. They grew up in a Muslim church. The mother is a widow. We shared the Good News with them and then the mother was ready to give her life to Jesus Christ. She had never known who He is before this day. We spoke to her for a long time about Jesus and then later her daughter also came and we spoke with her too. She really struggled to believe in Jesus, even though her mother had just given her life to Jesus – it was crazy! After a while she told us that she has some problem with pain in her legs, so we prayed for her and she got healed! After she got healed, Falone asked her who she thinks healed her and she replied that she doesn’t know. Then Falone told her that it is Jesus and she still couldn’t believe it! She believed that she got healed but she couldn’t believe that it was Jesus. We trust that the Holy Spirit will work in her life after she experienced healing and that she WILL believe in Jesus.

We are now on our way to another outreach destination which we will go to with a blue truck. We will be there for one month where we will do our last stretch of our DTS.

We are very passionate about doing the SBS (School of Bible Studies). I feel the Lord advise that this is really my purpose as I feel that it is my way of thanking God for saving me from my old life and to repent for my past mistakes. I would be so thankful if we can get sponsors to enable us to do this program.

I know that meeting with the Operation Refugee team was not random and that God had planned it before the foundations of the earth. We are extremely blessed to have met you and to see what God has done so far in our lives. We bless you and pray for you continually.”

*I have paraphrased directly from the voicenote Tresor has sent me via Whatsapp.

If you would like to make a donation towards Tresor and Falone and Wendy’s daily needs or future endeavors, please use the bank info below with ref: Mich – T&F&W.

DTS YWAM Potchefstroom!

The DTS students in Potch have just left for their outreach phase, starting in Ottosdal, and they are all so excited for this new adventure in Jesus. The Lord has also been faithful in providing for their needs and funding so we also thank you for making this a reality for them by your prayers and donations. I will write a little more about their outreach in next month’s News Letter.

Brother Steven

We are happy and so proud of our brother Steven who is now staffing our Potchefstroom DTS as well as leading them during their outreach for the next two months. He remains faithful in his work, always willing to help where help is needed and loving all people by serving whenever he gets the chance to.

Steven works full time for the YWAM ministry in Operation Refugee and therefore he lives by faith and we would like to thank you for your continual prayers and assistance by giving donations towards his daily needs.

If you’d like to make a donation towards Steven then please make use of the info below with ref: Mich – Steven.


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Greetings in His service!

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