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Welcome to our end of November News Letter about what has been going on in Operation Refugee.


What is YWAM and what does DTS stand for?

For those of you who haven’t been following our project or News Letters here is a quick overview of who and what we are.

YWAM (Youth with a Mission) is a global movement of missions with the intent of knowing God and making God known. YWAM is part of the University of the Nations and there are 2200  bases located all over the world which offer the DTS. The DTS (Discipleship Training School) is generally a five month program which consists of a three month lecture phase and a two month outreach phase.

Our mission at Operation Refugee which is based in YWAM Potchefstroom, South Africa, is to gather funds to enable refugees throughout Africa to take part in the DTS program. This program will take them on a spiritual journey, teaching them who the one true living God is, how to hear His voice and then ultimately equip them to do missions by evangelism and preaching.

(You can find out more about YWAM at

The vision we received from the Lord was to “Help Africa to heal itself”.

Many of us have heard prophecies that there will be a great revival in Africa starting at the tip of Africa (South Africa!) and therefore we believe that this project is simply a starting point for this great fire of revival  to spread through our most beautiful continent of Africa!

DTS YWAM Blantyre!

This is what it’s all about!

I am extremely privileged to have direct contact via Whatsapp and Facebook with our three DTS students and today I’d like to give you their personal feedback on their DTS training so far.

Falone: (I have translated her voice-note to me by paraphrasing her message on behalf of herself and her husband Tresor)

“First of all we want to that God for giving us the opportunity to do the DTS! Secondly we thank Operation Refugee and our sponsors for all the effort and funds which helped us to be here and for the provision for medicine for little Wendy and some toiletries that we’ve needed during our time here. We are doing very well with our DTS, we have already completed four topics and God is really doing so much in our lives through the teachings. The only challenge we experienced at first was the uncertainty of meeting new people and not knowing one another, but we have now overcome this and we are all getting along and learning a lot from each other. We know that when we have completed the DTS that God is going to do great things in our lives. He is teaching us His wisdom and the Holy Spirit is really growing us during this DTS. One of the most amazing things we are learning is how God speaks to us and hearing His voice. For me personally, I have started to receive visions, which is something I never experienced before. He showed me clearly how He is with me and He has given Tresor so many dreams. God is amazing and He is doing something good! We are going on our first mini outreach this coming Friday which we are very excited about!”


“I am doing well and I thank God because I used to think that I knew Him but I have come to realize through this DTS that I didn’t truly know Him. When I started the DTS I feel like I really started to get to know God and am learning so much about Him. My first testimony is that I could never speak in tongues before but now I can and this has taken me to a much deeper spiritual life. God is also using me now in small things and I hope that God will teach me even more once I finish the DTS. I have learned about forgiveness and I also saw a woman being healed after praying for her.”

From these simple testimonies it is clear that each student who does the DTS comes into an amazing relationship with the Father and therefore become equipped in going into Africa as ambassadors of Jesus. We continue to pray that more and more refugees will be able to go through this program.

We’d like to thank YWAM Blantyre for their love and support of our three refugee students! May your work be blessed.

There are DTS programs in Nigeria that begin in January 2017 and it is our hope that we can gather enough sponsors to send a few more refugees to do the DTS.

Think Tank in Switzerland

Johannes and Wikus were privileged to go to the Think Tank of the Humanities department of YWAM at the United Nations in Switzerland. There they met the leading ministers in the political realm in YWAM. It was a great privilege to listen to their testimonies and the way God has lead them. They also went into the United Nations and sat in a group discussion around some of the Middle East crisis.

Coming back they feel that we have a lot to think and pray about with regards to the move of God in governmental levels. We are very dependent on God in this regard and only God can open doors in these levels of society. They have learnt a lot and are continuing to learn as we all do as a team in ministry.


We are so humbled and eternally thankful for Kesha’s donation of our official website which has already seen many donations flow into Operation Refugee and we would like to encourage you to go and have a look at our website and also to please share it on your various social media platforms. The website is very informative and we believe that it’s been inspired by God as a form of marketing our project to help refugees find not only freedom, but inner healing from the traumatic experiences they’ve had.

Please visit to browse through all our news, photos and information, or to make a donation.

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We pray a HUGE blessing over Kesha and her family for her contributions towards our project!

Want to make a difference?

We have two methods of sponsorship:

“Adopt a Refugee” – this is where you may select a specific refugee and choose to sponsor him/her until the point where they become self-sufficient.

“Partner” – You may decide to give a monthly contribution towards the mission which supports our guys who are already in the field. (You are not obligated to a regular monthly contribution and may also choose to just do a once-off donation.)

Much blessings!

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