April Newsletter

During our outreach at the beginning of April, our team leader, Wikus did a TPM (Transformation Prayer Ministry) session with this young man, Kano.
Kano lives in the furthest part of the refugee camp. Wikus was delighted to find a garden in the courtyard, with the most beautiful flowers and plants. He realized that this is the only garden that he has seen so far in the refugee camp.
During the counseling session, it came out that when Kano was only 14 years old, he saw how the Mai Mai (community-based militia group in DRC) killed both of his parents, and then fled to the refugee camp. He is now 24 and has thus been in the camp for ten years already!
Every time a bus would come to the camp with new refugees, he would go to see if there was someone he knew, a family member or perhaps a friend, as he was alone when he arrived at the camp. Then one day, nine years from when he first arrived – there was his sister!
What a joyful day that was for him – to be re-united with his sister!
From chatting to Kano Wikus could see that this is a young man with great potential, but unless he gets an opportunity, he would be stuck in this place forever…
Kano is one of many refugees. Dzaleka Refugee camp is also one of many refugee camps (and it is one of the smaller ones). But we need to start somewhere. We have chosen to start here at Dzaleka, one refugee at a time.
You can help to make a difference in these young people’s lives by sponsoring a refugee for only 700 USD to obtain an education AND freedom, or you can make a monthly contribution towards Operation Refugee which we will use to mobilize these people.
Banking details:
Operation Refugee Africa NPC,
FNB, cheque acc
Acc nr: 62626450720
Branch code: 240438
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