Discipleship Training School

Operation Refugee // Discipleship Training School

Giving opportunities for a bright future.

Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Our vision for Operation Refugee is to extract refugees from the camps, enable them to do the Discipleship Training School (DTS) through YWAM which will in turn bring them emotional and spiritual healing and equip them to have a future in the ministry if they wish to do so. They can also choose to further their studies through the University of the Nations (where they can do one of seven degrees) or at the Nasor College in Ottosdal (N-level short courses) who have agreed to give a 50% discount to the refugees who apply. They will also have the opportunity to go back to Lilongwe where they will be assisted in having their own small business, empowering them to make a life for themselves.

How to Apply?

In order to be a student in our DTS program:
  • Candidates apply with an official DTS application.
  • We have relationships with the pastors who approve of their applications.
  • During our outreaches YWAM personally picks out candidates.
In order to qualify to attend NASOR College in Ottosdal:
  • Testimonials and approval of their current pastors in the refugee camps.
  • A comprehensive Academic record and aptitude test (if available).
  • A description of job opportunities in the areas in which there are work opportunities in their home country or refugee camp that they are residing in.
  • A full medical report.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor?

For 1000 USD (R13,519) one refugee can leave the refugee camp and do the DTS (a five month training program). This amount will cover their food, clothes, shoes, accommodation, travel expenses, their visas, as well as pay for the DTS program in full. It will also assist them after the DTS to get on their feet.