Operation Refugee // Reaching real people with real vision.

Who We Are

Real People

These are people who have very little - yet, they make the best of what they have. They have fled from their own countries where they had good lives, before there was war. They are only in a refugee camp where they have peace. If you were to walk around the refugee camp you would probably feel safer than walking alone in other parts of the continent of Africa. They have peace and order. Every person you speak to will tell you of their hopes and dreams of making a difference, becoming a lawyer or preaching the gospel in Africa. They smile, even though they are extremely poor and very trapped in the refugee camp.

Real Vision

Operation refugee is an outreach ministry of Youth with a Mission Potch, and we reach those in refugee camps throughout Africa. After sharing the gospel, we received over 50 applications from young people for the Discipleship Training School (DTS) program. If a refugee is able to do the DTS it will enable them to get one of 7 degrees through the University of the Nations: Christian ministries, humanities, Arts and culture, sport, communication, business and education. They could become staff at any of the YWAM bases. They could go back to their home country to influence and bring change. They can return to the refugee camp to minister there. They can return to their home country as temp citizens and work for a living. They are free to choose any life they wish.

Real People. Real Vision.